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Kobe Bryant to meet with Carmelo Anthony

  • Jason Whitney

Could Carmelo Anthony be playing alongside Kobe Bryant next year?

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant recently signed a two-year extension with the Lakers and you can bet the Black Mamba didn’t sign on for two more rebuilding seasons. The next two seasons Kobe Bryant will be trying to get his sixth NBA ring to match His Airness, and the only way he will be able to accomplish this is if he gets immediate help. The help that Bryant needs may only be one max player depending on the moves general manager Mitch Kupchak makes. The Lakers could clear even more space depending on if they could shed Steve Nash’s contract. But in the meantime, the number one player on the Lakers radar seems to be Carmelo Anthony. And now, even Kobe, has been rumored to be meeting with Melo on his future.


Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t be enough for the Lakers to plow through the rugged Western Conference and make the NBA Finals. However, that is a start and if the Lakers could convince a team to take Nash with potentially the number seven overall pick in Thursday’s NBA draft, the Lakers could be in business. Players like Pau Gasol might come back on a hometown discount and you can never rule out LeBron James. The bigger question would be is Melo willing to sacrifice millions to play alongside Bryant. We’ll be getting the answer within the next couple of weeks.

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