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Kupchak says Dwight Howard should have a statue at Staples Center

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With Thursday’s NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Los Angeles Lakers GM, Mitch Kupchak has reiterated that the Lakers will not trade center Dwight Howard. Kupchak, would go on to say that Dwight Howard even deserves a statue outside of the Staples Center.

“Dwight is our future. He deserves to have his name on the wall and a statue in front of Staples at some point in time.”

This raises a few eyebrows around the league considering the drama between Kobe Bryant and Howard. It was rumored around All Star weekend that Howard was openly mocking Bryant behind his back.  However Kupchak knows that the Lakers window is closing. He noted that the Lakers only have about two years left (this season included) saying:

“And a lot of that has to do with Kobe [Bryant].”

With Lakers fans sitting in an unsettling position of missing the playoffs, how long will they continue to put up with Dwight Howard and his antics?  Will he even want to re-sign with the team after this season or will he go to the highest bidder and be there next headache? If Kupchak has his way Dwight will be forever immortalized at the Staples Center.

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