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Kyle Lowry furious with head coach Kevin McHale, wants out of Houston

  • Jason Whitney

Kyle Lowry was in the midst of completing a break-out year before a sudden scary injury halted his season. This paved the way for Goran Dragic to have a break-out season of his own. Which like anything else in sports, has now created controversy on which player to build your team around moving foward.

According to Jonathan Feigen of  Ultimate Rockets:

“Lowry does not believe he and Goran Dragic, his successor as the starting point guard this season, will both return to the roster next season. Lowry was even less confident he and Rockets coach Kevin McHale can successfully coexist.”

“I don’t think so,” Lowry, 26, said. “I honestly think it would be tough. Things have to be addressed. The situation would have to be addressed.

“If things aren’t addressed coaching-wise, I guess I have to be moved.”

Mchale was somewhat surprised by the statement and thought their relationship could work.

“That’s very surprising,” McHale said. “I didn’t think we had too much of a problem coexisting this year. Everybody has a little beef every once in a while. I didn’t feel like (there were problems). He apparently did.

“There were times that we didn’t agree on things. There were times that I got on him. I don’t think it was unduly harsh on anybody.”

Lowry ended on this:

“I played through the sports hernia since July,” Lowry said. “It got worse. I got banged up. I got sick (with a bacterial infection that hospitalized him for a week). I had surgery to fix the hernia and abductor tears. It was definitely a crazy year for me. It’s a big summer for me to come back healthy, to get a whole summer of my usual offseason training.

“I think I’m still a foundation guy. You can build around me. If I’m not here, that’s welcomed. If I’m here, I guess that’s welcome, too.”

Hardly sounds like a franchise guy to me.



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3 Responses to Kyle Lowry furious with head coach Kevin McHale, wants out of Houston

  • Sounds like sour grapes. He just got his job taken from him and doesn’t want to compete to get it back, Yes you should not lose your job to injury but this a do eat dog world. The lakers are interested in him and Camby for Gasol. But know this but his team a disadvantage when trying to trade him, It is going to cost the team more and make him worth less. He will be a laker next year but it will cost the ROckets another player and they will have to take one of the Lakers dosgruntled players(Metta) and they will have to throw in maybe a Budginer or Martin! Player should really keep these kind of comments out of the new. The writer live for this crap but it cost everyone else.


  • You have a contract to playball with Houston….you are their employee for the length of the contract…unless they want to trade you SHUT UP and be a man and honour the contract you signed no one held a gun to your head to sign it…

  • Trade him MJ needs some help and has some good young players don’t help the Lakers why should the get all the gravy to hurt us in the long run come on now look at it I am tired of LA getting what they want all the time its time to look at the east.

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