Laker Benchwarmer Taking to Twitter for Playing Time


Lakers forward Jordan Hill has been spending most of his time on the bench since being acquired from the Rockets as part of the Derek Fisher deal. This gives him much time to think, and like any bored man, he took to Twitter. Hill, probably frustrated that he only received three minutes of play-time in the Lakers beat-down of the tanking Golden State Warriors, sent this tweet after the game:



This came just minutes after telling himself to “stay cool.” I would be frustrated as well if I was behind Troy Murphy’s corpse on the depth chart, and I admire his use of the third person. Honestly, Hill probably has a legitimate gripe here, since he is a young, big body that the Lakers could probably use instead of wasting minutes on guys like the aforementioned Murphy. Twitter can be capable of amazing things, though it seems Mike Brown is not part of the social network. That might not bode well for the #freejhill movement.

  • Troy

    Cry babie, how many would love to be where you are? waau waaw wa!

  • jameslaker

    i watched that game with golden state, you looked lackluster, lazy like someone drained all your energy. If you want more minutes then i suggest you show a whole lot more energy and desire to win. We,(the Lakers), don’t need bench warmers, we want players that want to win and play hard to do it.
    So stop crying and start showing us some spirit and energy, my god your a Laker, that alone should be something to be happy about. Maybe we should send you to cleveland or new orleans.


    If you’ve played the game, you understand where the brother is coming from. Besides, J Hill will give the Lakers more than most of the “BIGS” that come off the laker bench does. He’s physical and talented, and he’s a hard worker. What more do you want?? Know the game before you critize…

    • Jason Whitney


      JBBIGGER, dude is on his third team in 3 years right? He didn’t get any burn with the Knicks when they were awful, now he isn’t with the Lakers. Maybe you should do some homework before you critique another person’s article.

  • James T. K.

    Don’t judge Jordan’s past experiences with non-contending teams, how would you like to be involved with an organization that is strapped in a small market organization that is not committed to success – how would you perform day-in n day-out in those conditions? Now that he is with a successful, championship organization he is eager to show his talents, his efforts to contribute to winning but he needs more playing time…or could be that coach wants to bring him back gradually in regards to his injury he just now is recouperating from. In my opinion he is definitely and upgrade and will provide much needed rest for Pau – its obvious that Pau NEEDS the rest!

    • Jason Whitney

      How are we suppose to determine a players worth if we can’t judge on past experiences though? BTW the Knicks and Rockets aren’t small market organizations. I’d argue that when the Knicks took him (which they could have taken Jrue Holiday/Jennings/DeRozen/Lawson to name a few) they weren’t that bad of an organization. They had already got rid of most the Isiah Thomas era players, and it was the summer before LeBron. Houston has won 40 plus game the last two years so they haven’t been bad either. I agree with you James that he is an upgrade over McRoberts, but I’m not sure by how much. He’s got a good outside shot, but lets not get crazy, it’s Jordan Hill man. It isn’t like he’s going to be logging in 25-30 mins a game anytime soon. If you couldn’t break the lineup when Al Harrington, David Lee, Jared Jefferies, were getting all the minutes there probably is a reason for it.

      He is still young, so maybe he’ll get a chance on some other team.

      • bruce davison

        Can we give Bynum the nickname The Cracken //Release the Cracken

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