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Lakers’ coach D’Antoni, says the Lakers are old and slow

  • Jason Whitney

Lakers’ coach, Mike D’Antoni admitting to the Lakers being older and slower than most teams

The honeymoon appears to be over for Los Angeles Lakers coach, Mike D’Antoni. After publicly lobbying for the job, D’Antoni seems like he’s realizing the Lakers situation may be a bit more difficult that he originally thought. When D’Antoni took over, the Lakers expected Steve Nash to be back within a few games. That obviously has not happened. Nash is the catalyst that makes D’Antoni’s offense click. The Lakers have studs all over the court, but the offensive is heavily predicated on a playmaking point guard. Which again brings us around to Nash, the aging point guard, who hasn’t played since he fractured his left leg in just the second game of the season.

Coach D’Antoni recognized the Lakers struggles. At 8-9 it’s hardly time to start panicking, but D’Antoni did admit to the Lakers not giving the effort and age could be a factor with the teams’ struggles.

Via Orange County Register:

“We got a bunch of problems obviously — but he will help in a lot of areas, such as spacing on the floor. But you’re right, it (Nash’s return) doesn’t solve the lack of energy we had coming out last night.”

D’Antoni said the Lakers are not a quick team, slowed perhaps by age.

“That’s not going to change. I can’t come in here and make you faster,” he said. “But if we play with the right amount of concentration and energy then we’re OK.

“We have to understand you can’t come out and play half speed. Our half speed is like quarter speed. So far, we’ve had trouble with young, athletic teams.”

He said producing a solid effort game in and game out could disguise many of the team’s flaws.

“We realize where we are. We realize what problems we have structurally that we’re not going to solve, like being a little older, a little slower, a little of this and that. We can solve them by being better,” D’Antoni said.

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