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Lakers Interest in Gilbert Arenas a Good Plan for Landing Dwight Howard?

  • Andy Flint

Please stop me if I sound like a crazy person, but are the Los Angeles Lakers playing an angle in their recent talks with Gilbert Arenas?

Don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that Arenas still has game left in those legs of his. I also believe he’d be a good fit in LA, because when Kobe Bryant talks, other players shut their mouths and listen up. Or they catch the early flight out of town.

It just seems almost too obvious for me at this point. At the start of the season it looked as if the Lakers were the front-runners for both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. They totally struck out with Chris Paul and with each passing day it looks like the window for Howard being a Laker gets that much smaller. Kobe’s recent animal-like play fueled some Howard chatter among bloggers and fans alike, but that quickly died out.

Now all of a sudden the LA brass realizes that Derek Fisher and Steve Blake aren’t the right point-guard by committee fit? They just now figure that it’s a good idea to bring in a solid ball-handler/scorer? I’m not buying it! Gilbert Arenas has been sitting around, available and VERY willing to play ever since the Orlando Magic kicked him to the curb, via the amnesty clause. A move that the Magic’s All-Star center wasn’t thrilled with.

Which brings me to my next point. When pursuing a high profile player like Dwight Howard, it’s generally a pretty good idea to stock up on the things he wants. One of the things Dwight Howard really wanted was for Gilbert Arenas to remain in Orlando. Dwight publicly torched GM Otis Smith and the Magic’s coach, Stan Van Gundy, over their poor handling of Arenas while he was with the Magic.

I feel like this is great strategy by the Lakers. Arenas will improve them at the point guard position and it’s going to help lure Howard to LA. Arenas and Howard had an obvious bond during Arenas’ short tenure in Orlando. Remember the planking spree these two went on all summer long?

I think Howard truly believed in the potential of Arenas reclaiming form and becoming that lethal sidekick that Howard so desperately seeks. He’s not going to get it in a Magic uniform, that much has been made clear. As Orlando continues to get embarrassed night in and night out, the elephant in the Magic locker room continues to grow. I commend the Lakers if they do indeed sign Arenas, because that gives them one more thing that Howard desires, but won’t get in Florida.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a sports team brought in a player who they felt would help them secure a big name. Remember Percy Miller Jr.? Formally known as Lil Romeo? Yeah that kid. He was so close to DeMar DeRozan coming out of high school, that he somehow convinced USC coach, Tim Floyd, to pick up his tab just so DeRozan would play at USC.

Miller (Romeo) was a division II player at best. Yet he got a scholarship to USC because he was so well connected (to DeRozan).

So, am I crazy? Or do I just do my homework?




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