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Lakers pass on Phil Jackson; Hire Mike D’Antoni

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Mike D’Antoni, not Phil Jackson, will be the coach of the Lakers for the foreseeable future.
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I honestly don’t know if social media and LA can handle Mike D’Antoni being the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, but it looks like we are about to put that to the test.  D’Antoni singed a deal to become the Lakers next head coach around 11:30 PST last night after talks with thought-to-be favorite for the job, the legendary Phil Jackson, “broke down.” The deal for the former Knicks coach is three-years, worth approximately 12-million dollars, with a club option for a 4th year if the team is satisfied with D’Antoni’s services.

The connections between D’Antoni and the Lakers are significant, as he was the coach of Steve Nash for a number of years in Phoenix, and has a very positive relationship with both Nash, and the king of LA, Kobe Bryant.

Let’s be honest, it sounds like the Lakers are backpedaling a little bit here. The Lakers released a statement saying it was “unanimous that D’Antoni was the best coach for the team at this time.”

Don’t be fooled, the Lakers wanted Phil Jackson, and something must’ve happened on Jackson’s end that prompted the Lakers to opt for Plan B. D’Antoni didn’t exactly do well meshing strong personalities together during his tenure with the Knicks, though that aforementioned positive relationship with Nash and Bryant may help him in that regard. Now, Laker fans must hope D’Antoni brings a “defensive coordinator” type assistant coach on board with him, or it may be a loooooooooong season in LA.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Site Manager

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