Lakers’ pitch to Dwight Howard includes having his own TV show

  • Jason Whitney
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The Lakers and TWC will offer Dwight Howard his own TV show

The Los Angeles Lakers are pulling out all the stops in an effort to keep big man Dwight Howard. The Lakers’ pitch has already included Magic Johnson, Steve Nash, Jack Nicholson and now, Time Warner Cable. Yes, in a bizarre pitch, the Lakers could bring the cable company with them in their pitch attempt to land Dwight Howard back to the Lakers.

The pitch attempt may be the start of a new trend. Time Warner is prepared to offer Dwight Howard his own TV show as part of their end of the pitch. Wow, and to think the best LeBron James could do was get a one-hour special called, ‘The Decision”  when he was a free agent.

The NBA doesn’t have a problem with Time Warner accompanying the Lakers on their pitch attempt, but they cannot offer Dwight additional money. Have the Lakers ever made this many stops in retaining a player before?


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