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Lamont Peterson no easy task for Amir Khan.

  • Jim Racalto

Amir Khan has been a fearless champion thus far.

In today’s seemingly diva-infested boxing world, there is one guy left who doesn’t duck fighters, hand-pick opponents, or make excuses. His name is Amir “King” Khan:  the undisputed and unified Light Welterweight Champion of the world.

The fact that Khan is willing to take on the best at any time, has said several times he has the goods to possibly beat Floyd Mayweather, and regularly gets the best of Manny Pacquiao in their sparring sessions speaks volumes about him. Being from England, casual boxing fans may not know too much about him, but avid fans have taken notice. Amir Khan is the real deal. He has a lethal combination of speed, power, will, and boxing instinct that rivals the greats of the modern era.

Khan and his trainer, the legendary Freddie Roach (who also trains Pacquiao), have already said that after his upcoming bout with Lamont Peterson on December 10th, they would like to explore moving up in weight to get some big fights, namely against the aforementioned Mayweather. That is all good and well, except for one aspect:

I’m not totally convinced Khan will beat Lamont “Havoc” Peterson.

Roach has “warned” Khan of Peterson’s power and physicality, and his fearless style could be a matchup nightmare for Amir Khan. Peterson is a rising force in the Light Welterweight class and along with Tim Bradley, has been one fighter some people pretend doesn’t exist. He has quietly built a 29-1-1 career record, where Khan’s now stands at 27-1.

Peterson, who has never short-changed himself, had this to say about fighting “King” Khan:

Khan could meet a similar fate if he takes Lamont Peterson lightly.

“… (the fight is) for sure the biggest and most exciting fight of my career so far…on 10 December, I will make my dreams come true and ruin Amir’s plans to reign over his division.”

Strong words from a guy with an impressive record who has never been knocked out, and hardly even put on the canvas at all in his career. Sometimes with boxing, we get so focused on the main attraction of a fight that we can lose sight of the guy standing in the other corner. For what seems like some time, I am legitimately excited for a boxing match. This is for two reasons.

One being Khan is tragically somewhat unknown here in the states, even to fans of the sport. They get so lost in the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao hype that young guns like Khan don’t receive the attention or credit they should. This fight marks the arrival of Amir Khan to mainstream boxing, and he will be one of the top guys to lead boxing into the next generation and leave this forgettable one behind. The second being he is facing a formidable opponent to throw down with, not a hand-picked tomato can. Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson has serious “Fight of the Year” implications.

The 28-0 Tim Bradley's got next.

Tim Bradley, currently ranked second in the division, will most likely fight the winner of this bout even though Khan has stated he would like to move up in weight class. Bradley previously handed Peterson his only loss in 2009 via unanimous decision. The fact that the supremely talented Bradley (28-0) is waiting in the wings says a lot of about this weight class and the talent it has.

Whatever the outcome may be of Khan/Peterson, both guys are equipped to give Tim Bradley trouble. Khan and Bradley were actually negotiating for a huge showdown last year, unfortunately those talks fell through; Khan has even said that Bradley is “scared of him.” So whether those two finally meet in the ring, or Peterson shocks us and defeats Khan to set up a rematch with Bradley, boxing can’t go wrong either way.

I haven’t been able to say that with a straight face in a very long time. Somewhere I hope Floyd and Manny are reading this.




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