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Lance Armstrong tweets a random Canadian phone number

  • Mark Evans

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is having a tough go of it over the past few weeks. First, he was stripped of his Tour de France titles due to the doping investigation launched by the USADA. His legacy is definitely damaged because of it, despite all the good he may have done through his cancer foundation.

That being said, there is no doubting that he was as dominant as they come in cycling, whether he was doping or not. His recovery from cancer is incredible, and to be back on the bike in such a dominant manner is a great story.

But now, he has some explaining to do to his 3.7 million Twitter followers.

We’ve seen many athletes tweet something to the public that seems to be a private direct message. You can add Lance Armstrong to the list.

This afternoon, he tweeted this:

Hey – you bet. Happy to help. Call my cell 778 384 7520. Take care, L

Appears to be a direct message, right? Maybe he was talking to someone, and was just giving out his phone number. He probably just sent it as a tweet by accident, right? Well, apparently not.

According to Dead Spin, the phone number belongs to a Canadian college graduate in Vancouver. If you’re as confused as we are, you’re reading this right.

Why would Lance Armstrong tweet out this number? It doesn’t make any sense. Stay tuned for more information.

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