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Larry Bird says that Danny Granger was not the leader everyone thought

  • Jason Whitney

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Ever since the horn sounded in the fourth quarter of Game 6 in Miami last Friday, questions about the Indiana Pacers past, present and future have been a frequent topic of conversation. While the reason for the Pacers demise could be pointed towards several things, an increasingly popular notion for the Pacers troubles was that the team lacked leadership. Try telling that to David West. However, trading long time forward Danny Granger to the Philadelphia 76ers for Evan Turner never panned out and many have pointed out that losing Granger hurt the Pacers because of his veteran leadership. Enter team president Larry Bird, who set the record straight on Monday.


While Larry Bird might be right, trading for Evan Turner ended up hurting the Pacers. Between the rumors of Turner fighting Lance Stephenson and losing Granger’s locker room presence, the team never rebounded from their terrific start they had to the 2013-2014 NBA season. Now, the Pacers will enter an offseason of uncertainty and questions of whether they can compete with how they are currently constructed. It seems like major changes could be on the horizon from the small market Pacers. Stay tuned…


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