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Larry Brown says Jeremy Lin is a backup point guard, not worth 30 million

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Larry Brown doesn’t think Jeremy Lin is worth what clubs are willing to pay (Image:

Add Larry Brown to the list of NBA minds to weigh in on Jeremy Lin. The former Knick coach hardly sounded like he had an axe to grind with the organization that sent him packing after just one year. In fact, Brown was very complimentary of Jeremy Lin during the interview. However, Brown had questions that seem to be going by the wayside with the Knicks in their current desperate situation to find a point guard that can make both Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony work.

Larry Brown told the Mike Lupica Show:

“I think the kid was the great. The system helped him be really great,” Brown said of Lin. “It’s a wonderful story. But I look at him as a terrific backup in the NBA. I may be wrong, I really him to be successful but I think if you overpay him for the interest that he created that’s not the best thing.

“I think you overpay him if you think he’s going to make you better, going to make Stoudemire better, going to make Carmelo better, going to make Tyson better….then pay him as much as you can.”

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