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LeBron didn’t care for Pat Riley’s end-of-season press conference

  • Jason Whitney

LeBron James apparently wasn’t too thrilled with Pat Riley’s season-ending presser

The LeBron James headlines continue to come in waves while the game’s best player ponders his future. If you check your Twitter feed, you can see what LeBron James is doing seemingly by the minute. And thus, you would already know that The King has met with the Miami Heat brass including Pat Riley in Vegas over the past few days. But according to multiple outlets, James didn’t commit to the Heat after the meeting. In fact, it’s been reported that James was actually irritated with Riley and his end-of-season press conference.

Via Bleacher Report:

Nor, according to multiple sources, did he receive Riley’s “get a grip” end-of-season press conference (the one that challenged the Heat stars not to run from a challenge) especially well. 

I highly doubt this will change LeBron’s decision on where he is going to end up, but it is interesting that James didn’t commit to the Heat after his meeting with Riley. Maybe James is a bit annoyed with how the Heat played in the NBA Finals and Riley, for basically calling the Big Three out for potentially leaving when things get tough. Stay tuned…

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