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LeBron James Calls Out Dwyane Wade For Help, While Wade Takes Dig At Oklahoma

  • Jason Whitney

LeBron James has thus far proven most of his doubters wrong this postseason with incredible games and stat lines. What LeBron has lacked, is a Robin to go along to his Batman. Dwyane Wade is obviously hurt, but who isn’t at this point? Bosh has been injured nor is 100 percent either. So before LeBron and the Heat take on the Thunder tonight, and possibly sink themselves into a 0-2 hole, LeBron had some words for Wade.

“Sometimes I go to him and tell him I need one of those games from him,’’ James said before the Heat’s practice. “He knows he still has it, too, but every player needs a little kick every now and then, no matter how time-tested they are. I continue to try to let him know how important he is to the team, which he should know, but he also needs to be D-Wade and not worry about deferring as much.”

It has been no secret that Wade has been anything but himself during these playoffs. He’s had his knee drained and struggled through many poor shooting nights. Despite Wade’s struggles, the Heat have kept advancing in the playoffs after being down twice in the past two series against the Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics.

Wade meanwhile took a nice dig towards the state of Oklahoma when discussing Kevin Durant playing his pro ball for OKC:

“kind of dims his light a little bit. . . . There’s not a lot of exciting things going on out here.’’

When Wade was asked if he could turn back the hands of time and start performing like he did during the 2006 NBA Finals, he said:

“I was 24,” he said. “It’s six years ago, man. I’m not that athletic as I was in ’06. But I still have something left in me. I wish it was possible to stay at the same athleticism as I had at 24, but that’s not possible.”

Well Wade, you better do something because if the Heat lose this series the blame won’t be placed on LeBron this time.


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