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LeBron James is the number-two paid athlete this year, number-one is…

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Sports Illustrated released its top 50 U.S. athletes that earned the most in 2012

Sports Illustrated released it’s annual Fortunate 50,  which is the top athletes who play in the U.S. or a U.S.- based league. The credentials according to’s Sports Business are: Endorsements reflect current deals, and salaries are based on current or most recently completed seasons; for instance, for NFL players the season that ended in February was used.

Based off this, Tiger Woods has won nearly every year since 2004 when this list was first started. Last year there was an upset however. Floyd Mayweather Jr. supplanted Tiger out of the top spot to the surprise of many. Well it wasn’t a fluke, Mayweather is once again this year’s number one highest-earning athlete. Tiger meanwhile has fallen to number five on this list behind, LeBron James, Drew Brees and Kobe Bryant.

Check it out:

Here is the list for just United States Athletes:

1.  Floyd Mayweather Jr. — $90 million

2.  LeBron James — $56.5 million

3.  Drew Brees — $47.8 million

4.  Kobe Bryant — $46.8 million

5.  Tiger Woods — $40.8 million

6.  Phil Mickelson — $39.5 million

7.  Derrick Rose —$33. 4 million

8.  Peyton Manning — $31 million

9.  Alex Rodriguez — $29.9 million

10. Zach Greinke — $29 million

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