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LeBron James says he is going back to Cleveland

  • Jason Whitney

LeBron James is rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Redemption time?

King James has announced his intentions to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers as he wrote an essay detailing his decision via LeBron James said that he always envisioned himself coming back to Cleveland, he just didn’t know when. James also made it clear that he did not have any issues with the players, coaches and Pat Riley.

I’m doing this essay because I want an opportunity to explain myself uninterrupted. I don’t want anyone thinking: He and Erik Spoelstra didn’t get along. … He and Riles didn’t get along. … The Heat couldn’t put the right team together. That’s absolutely not true.

Chris Sheridan took a lot of heat for saying that James was definitely coming back to Cleveland. It will be interesting to see if this improves his credibility. Anyway, the greatest part of James’ essay may have been the end. Cleveland will be rocking in late October!

I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.

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