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LeBron James says Team USA could beat Dream Team

  • Jason Whitney

LeBron James says the 2012 team could beat the 1992 Dream Team

Come on LeBron, we were all starting to like ya again! All jokes aside, LeBron James is now the second player (Kobe Bryant) to come out and say the USA team would beat the 1992 Dream Team. To be fair to LeBron, he gave the classic cliché statement.

“As a competitor you never want to say that you will lose no matter who you are going against,” James told ABC News “Nightline” anchor Cynthia McFadden.

James, to his credit, also showed respect to the 1992 Dream Team which featured 11 Hall of Fame players en route to winning the gold medal.

“The ’92 Dream Team paved the way for all of us … We understand what they did for our game, but we also are big-time competitors as well, so if we got the opportunity to play them in a game we feel like we would win too,”

The 2012 team certainly isn’t lacking confidence. You’d have to think if they had Dwyane Wade and Dwight Howard at their disposal they could at least compete with the Dream Team. According to the ESPN simulations, the Dream Team currently holds a one-point advantage over the 2012 USA team as constructed without Howard and Wade.

The hypothetical game that will never happen, continues to create more arguments at your local sports bar!


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