LeBron James State Farm Commercial: “Get to School”

  • Jason Whitney

LeBron James’ newest commercial that premiered Christmas day was of him being an advocate of waking up and getting to school. Although King James never actually says anything about going to school, or staying in school during the State Farm commercial, all signs point towards that message.

I find this particularly funny seeing that LeBron, never for a moment, seriously considered college. In high school, he and his posse paraded around like rock stars or at least that’s what he says in his book.

I’m not a LeBron hater, in fact I think he’s the best player in the NBA, but I find this commercial odd in many ways. LeBron, by accounts that cannot be verified, carried a 2.8 grade point average in high school. Most of his teacher’s testaments of LeBron were of this nature, “LeBron tried really hard,” or “LeBron wasn’t a perfect student but he participated in class.” Hardly sounding like a kid who flourished in school, better yet one who probably knew what was on the horizon for him.

Love the message but I just find it ironic. Take a gander at this video and tell me what’s the first thing you think…

-Senior Writer: Jason Whitney


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