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LeBron James wants to play with Carmelo Anthony

  • Jason Whitney

Could LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony be playing together after next year?

Nearly three years ago to the day, LeBron James went on national television and made “The Decision.” This led to a year filled with hate and pressure for James as he was hailed as a villain for the first time in his career. Fast forward three years and Lebron has two NBA championship rings, three straight Finals appearances and two more league MVP awards. I think he landed on his feet just fine from all the backlash that took place during his first year in Miami.

Now a year away from being able to opt out of Miami, LeBron James, still in his prime, will be courted by many NBA teams once again as they try to lure the game’s best player from South Beach. Besides the notable teams that have already been rumored to be clearing cap space for him, Stephen A. Smith from ESPN says LeBron James is looking to play with a certain player and not necessarily a certain team when he becomes a free agent again.

Via ESPN/First Take:

If the New York Knicks can somehow miraculously create cap space, which I don’t know that they can do, LeBron James will entertain coming to New York. You know why? Because just like he wanted to go and play with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James now wants to go play with Carmelo Anthony.

But I’m just telling you what the desire is, I’m not saying what is going to happen. These are all possibilities, but he does want to play with Carmelo if it is possible and if it’s ideal.

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