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LeBron James weighs in on possible playoff matchup against Dwyane Wade and former Heat team

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If the NBA season ended today, the playoff seeding would pit LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers against Dwyane Wade and LBJ’s former team, the Miami Heat.

Cleveland is currently the two seed, and Miami is currently the seven seed. This type of matchup is one basketball fans want to see. Emotions would run high and sparks would fly as two good friends, former teammates, and future Hall of Famers battled it out.

Via Complex:

“You look at the standings, you see who’s two-seven,” he said. “If we continue to do well, we’ll probably face the seven seed and we’ll see what happens then. But it’d be good for the fans, for sure. And it will be good for me and D-Wade, just being two guys that love to compete.”

Of course, there is no guarantee the Heat even make the playoffs as they are still trying to beat out teams like the Nets, Hornets, and Celtics. However, if this Cavs/Heat matchup does come to fruition, it will make for some intense first-round action in a lackluster Eastern Conference.

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