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Lin is Linjured for 6 weeks

  • Andy Flint

The buzz around twitter is that Jeremy Lin is out for the next six weeks with a meniscal tear in his knee.


Losing Stoudemire was a blow,  but the Knicks were winning games without him. He just wasn’t doing as well as he did in his first season with the Knicks. David Lee actually has had a better season than Amar’e thus far.

Jeremy Lin has been a huge part of the Knicks season. He’s the spark that got the Knicks back to .500. Linsanity swept the nation for a good two weeks before some of it died down. Ever since Carmelo rejoined the team Lin’s scoring numbers went down. Yet he’s still been doing a good job.

Now that he’s basically done for the season (unless he’s ready to go late in the playoffs) the Knicks will have to rely on Baron Davis and Iman Shumpert. Who have done very well in Lin’s absence. The Knicks will just have to wait and see.



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