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Lou Holtz after Obama Inauguration: “I’m done, finished!”

  • Jim Racalto

Speaker of the House John Boehner is pretty tight with former Notre Dame coach and current ESPN analyst, Lou Holtz. They are close enough to the point that Holtz sent Boehner a novel of a text message after President Obama’s inauguration. The contents of the whole text are anyone’s guess, but it can be summed up in in this sentence:

“I’m done, finished! The country’s over with!” 

Holtz Statue

Easy Lou. Boehner then went on to explain the context surrounding the text message from Holtz:

“Last night, I got a three-page text from my good friend Lou Holtz, who must have watched the inaugural and then all that blabber on TV…: ‘I’m done, finished, the country’s over with — we’re not doing this again!’ Now, I had already had this conversation with Lou about nine or ten days after the election.  He came in to speak to our 34 new Members. And before he went over to talk to them, he came over to my office, and he was moaning and groaning.  I said, ‘Lou, would you stop it?  We’re Americans, we’ll figure this out!’ And I had to spend 15 minutes giving Lou Holtz a pep talk!  I had to do it again last night!”

Well, whatever.

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