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Man on Reddit Predicts WWE Pay Per Views with 100% Accuracy

  • Jason Whitney

First off, I’ll start by saying YES professional wrestling is pre-determined. So leave those comments at the door. We all know it’s pre-determined and you aren’t making some grand statement by reminding us. That being said, this is still pretty cool.

A user on reddit, username “Dolphins1925”, has been correctly predicting the results to WWE Pay Per View matches since February. It started when another user started  a “prediction series,” asking users to pick who they expected to win at that week’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event. Just minutes before the show was about to begin, Dolphins1925 made his predictions. When the show drew to a close, they were the winner of the contest. He/she predicted with 100% accuracy every match on the card. That wouldn’t have been a big deal, but his brash confidence was what struck people.

“I will win this guaranteed,” Dolphins1925 wrote as he/she made his picks. “I know all the winners.”
I’ll be the first to say that professional wrestling can be very predictable. To get most guesses right, all it takes is a little bit of attention and to read the dirtsheets online. But every so often, even if you pay extreme attention, you’ll get one wrong.

He/she hasn’t.

In March, he/she 100% predicted every match at Wrestlemania, the WWE’s biggest show of the year, in his own thread this time instead of hijacking someone elses.

They followed that up the next month by AGAIN getting the Extreme Rules show completely right, and then May’s Payback event
Since he started predicting in February, the user has gone a perfect 38 for 38 with his pay per view picks right up until this last Sunday’s “Money in the Bank” pay per view.

The user released a statement through Reddit in April explaining himself.

There has been some controversy as to whether my selection of John Cena was a win or loss. I would like to stress that I do not know exactly how the matches will transpire or go down, nor have I claimed such in the past. I’ll re-iterate that I will only provide you with the WINNERS of each match. While Cena did retain the WWE Championship, this match had no decisive winner or loser thus making it a draw or no contest, in my opinion. Based on the outcome of the match, I personally do not consider John Cena to be neither the winner nor loser. Therefore, I would consider the track record of the matches I have posted to be 22-0-1. I am also excluding all past and future Pre-Show matches, and any potential matches that are scrapped due to time constraints.

I would like to clarify once again that I DO NOT work for WWE. I am not a WWE Superstar, I am not with; the lighting crew, the camera crew, the sound technicians, the stagehands, the prop guys, the merchandise sellers, nor the popcorn vendor in the 15th Row, “Congratulations, Louie!”

I am just a WWE fan like everyone else, and I am getting my information from a source who has VERY credible inside information regarding the outcomes (win/losses) of the matches themselves. Given that this information is out there, we both feel that I should continue to share this information until it garners the attention of WWE. Vince and upper management are not taking reasonable measures to prevent this information from being leaked. These people whom are leaking this information are profiting off it at the expense of the WWE, the fans, and the integrity of the product. It is for these reasons that I am hoping to put an end to WWE insiders leaking PPV outcomes.

Also, I feel that WWE owes the fans. They need to be more protective of the actual results as a fellow Redditor had stated in the thread. It is hurting the integrity of the product, and I should not have access to this information.

Out of respect to this great forum, this will be my last post until Payback. I am not here to be a distraction. I will post the results for Payback no later than SEVEN minutes before the event. I do not want to make this a circus, but rather make a point. The ultimate goal is to get WWE’ s attention and put an end to this, and I am hoping that you guys will continue to help.

I ask that everybody help get this thread achieve more recognition. Share it amongst other wrestling fans, forums, and dirt sheets BEFORE Payback in June. I believe that the only way to change the leaks from occurring is through spreading awareness to more fans. WWE will only take action once it is well aware that their security protocols are extremely compromised.

Lastly, I would also like to thank the moderators of Squared Circle for allowing me to post my information. It is greatly appreciated.

I will be back in a month. Thank You.


The mystery of Dolphins1925 is an interesting one. He/she hasn’t posted anything else on reddit but his spoilers and doesn’t respond to private messages either. His goal to try and get WWE to respond looked bleak, but he/she finally got a response when the story started to go viral, starting with a report on Deadspin. WWE released a brief statement about the leaks.

“We may have a modern day Nostradamus on our hands. We might have to monitor these posts in advance of our next pay-per-view to see how good he or she really is.”


For years, professional wrestling was a very secretive business. But with the onset of the internet, it might be time for their security procedures to change. I don’t expect the leaker to be able to continue much longer if he/she continues to get them right. Dolphins1925 is now on WWE’s radar, and who knows how livid Vince McMahon is about his results being leaked with 100% accuracy.

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