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Manny Pacquiao agrees to terms for Floyd Mayweather fight

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For the last six years, the boxing world has wanted to see the two most dominant fighters of the millennium get in the ring together. For one reason or another, a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight never came to fruition. Now, in 2015, it is closer than ever to becoming a reality.


According to a source involved in the negotiations, Pacquiao has agreed to a 40 percent cut of the revenue, leaving Mayweather with the remaining 60 percent of a fight most believe will shatter every boxing box office record, including the all-time pay-per-view buy record of 2.4 million (Mayweather-Oscar De La Hoya), the pay-per-view revenue record of $150 million (Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez) and the all-time gate record of $20 million (Mayweather-Alvarez).

If the fight is finalized, it would take place May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Moretti said. Mayweather has had his past 10 fights there, and Pacquiao has had five of his past seven bouts there.

Other stipulations Pacqiuao agreed to are random Olympic-style drug testing and the size of the gloves to be worn by each fighter. The revenue split, drug testing, and gloves were Mayweather’s three biggest issues – so now that Manny has granted Floyd’s requests, there are no excuses left for either side to lean on.

If anything, Pac-Man’s willingness to give in to Mayweather’s demands shows his eagerness to make the fight happen.

The fact that Mayweather has a contract with Showtime and Pacquiao has a deal with HBO is also not a hindrance to the fight, as a joint PPV telecast will most likely be the course of action should Mayweather agree to terms on his end.

Boxing needs this fight. Let’s hope this isn’t more smoke and mirrors from Pacquiao’s camp, and that Floyd finally mans up.

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