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Mario Williams tells Bills teammates to stay away from the Doritos

  • Jason Whitney

Mario Williams finally had a positive story about him involving his Buffalo Bills teammates

Mario Williams is quickly becoming a lightning rod for news lately. “Super Mario,” as Buffalo Bills fans briefly called him, had a disappointing first season in Buffalo. Although Williams finished with 10.5  sacks on the season, he was held without a sack 10 out of 16 games which led to criticism in Bills land. Then came the suicide and prescription pills text messages followed by the recent ‘Kill ’em or hurt ’em’ credo Williams echoed from defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine.

At least Williams latest media story is positive this time. Mario told the Buffalo media that these next six weeks is important and players can’t be going home eating Doritos.

Via The Buffalo News:

“This is not vacation time,” Bills pass-rusher Mario Williams said. “You can take a trip or whatever. That’s fine. But this six weeks that everybody has is not just go home and eat Doritos.”

Sounds like some good advice for a team that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs since last century.

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