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Mark Cuban blasts NBA officiating; asks fans for help

  • Jason Whitney

Mark Cuban blasted the NBA officiating via Twitter

Mark Cuban sounded off on Twitter about trying to fix the officiating in the NBA over his 13-year tenure as Dallas Maverick owner. Cuban, who has never been shy about voicing his opinion if he ever feels his team was slighted by the NBA referees, appeared to be finally gassed in trying to win the never-ending battle with the NBA regarding it’s officials.

So what did Cuban decide to do? He is asking us the fan, if we have any suggestions for helping fix what Cuban deemed a failing problem over his 13 years of being part of the NBA. My guess is he’ll be fined nicely before he receives any great advice from any of the fans. I’m sure NBA commissioner, David Stern has already placed a call to the often-fined Maverick owner.



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