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Mark Sanchez believes Jets are playoff bound?

  • Andy Flint


Mark Sanchez seems confident that the post-season is a given for the New York Jets. Sanchez, despite battling rookie Geno Smith, came off as incredibly confident when he spoke with Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.

“It will turn around,” Sanchez recently told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “We’ll get back on track, get a couple wins, and once we get in the playoffs this year we’ll make a little run. That’s all you need to do is make your run, get hot at the right time, stay healthy.”

The funny thing about Sanchez’s comment is that it doesn’t really come off as a prediction, or a bold statement. It kind of just seems like a normal conversation, in which somebody simply stated the obvious. That’s some blind confidence from Sanchez, if I do say so myself. The Jets are fresh off a 6-10 season, where they finished a miserable 2-4 in the AFC East. Now Sanchez is talking PLAYOFFS!

It’ll remain to be seen if Mark is even the Jets’ starting QB come the regular season. I expect the shootout between he and fellow QB, Geno Smith to intensify throughout the preseason.

The Jets open up their preseason against the Detroit Lions, a game in which both Smith and Sanchez expect to see reps behind center.

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