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Mark Sanchez responds with class and humor to angry Tweet

  • Arun Morace
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

How long will Sanchez hold onto the Jets’ starting QB job? Photo: Getty Images

To say the least, Jets fans have reached, or are at least getting close to reaching the end of their rope when it comes to Mark Sanchez. Two straight losing seasons and 52 turnovers in that span from the Jets quarterback have put the Green and White faithful at their wits’ end with the fifth-year signal caller, and many are hoping that rookie Geno Smith will supplant him as the Jets’ starting quarterback.

Recently, one Tweeter decided to voice his frustrations directly to Sanchez- well, to Sanchez’s Twitter account, anyways. Someone with the Twitter handle “YOUNGSTOWN4LI4E” tweeted at Sanchez “F*** YOU I HOPE YOU TEAR YOUR ACL FRIDAY” (the Jets’ first preseason game is this Friday, against Detroit. Sanchez will be starting).

[For the record, that sounded quite a bit like something Giants super-fan Carl Brutananadilewski of Aqua Teen Hunger Force would say (and in fact did say to Bart Oates….).]

Sanchez, for all his shortcomings on the football field, has always managed to handle the media and fans with a great deal of poise. His response:

YOUNGSTOWN4LI4E’s Twitter account, at least as of this writing, has been suspended. Maybe the guy wasn’t expecting the object of his wrath to actually fire back. Maybe he’s embarrassed that his words became so public. Whatever the reason may be, perhaps fans will think twice from now on before tweeting something less than positive at Sanchez, lest they be the subject of a witty retort in 140 characters or less.

But they’ll probably still boo the guy at the drop of a hat.

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