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Mayweather seeking release from jail due to deteriorating health

  • Jim Racalto

Undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather is seeking an emergency release from jail, and his lawyers are asking that he be allowed to serve the rest of his three month prison sentence under house arrest. The reason? Mayweather says being confined to his cell for 23 hours a day is rapidly deteriorating his health and taking him out of boxing shape. He claims he may never be able to fight again because of it.

Mayweather’s doctor says being in jail for that long without access to working out could do siginificant, irreversible damage to his body, which has been trained to box for over twenty years. This news is fresh on the heels of Tim Bradley’s controversial decision victory over Manny Pacquiao Saturday night. I firmly believe Floyd needs to get back in the ring as soon as possible in an attempt to save whatever face boxing has left after Saturday night’s debacle.

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19 Responses to Mayweather seeking release from jail due to deteriorating health

  • He made a bad descision he needs to pay the price.

    • He made a bad decision?

      So i take it you saw him attack his wife did you?

      • The judge didn’t see him attack his wife. But due to our legal system, enough evidence was shown to prove his guilt among his peers. And no one forced him to plea bargain, homey. Mayweather’s a PAB.


  • Well….can you believe it? Beating your wife or girlfriend….just not the same as beating MANNY! Suck it up Floyd….Manny would beat you anyway….without a belt. Your too old and slow….and the only thing still in good shape….your flapping jaw. Everything is an excuse…..for this “entitled” one….maybe he wants a chance at the belt….without going through Manny. Whimpy….Whimpy.

    • Yes! That is exactly what this chicken sh-t wants! Bradley pretends he hurt his ankles and the fight was fixed so now Mr Whimpy thinks he can beat bradley, so the world ows him somehow and he should get out early? Lying paid off doctors. The time off would actuall help him due to the rest period and after training, he would be better conditioning wise than when he went in. What do MD’s know about sports training? All they know is how to write scripts and get kickbacks from the pharmasutical compines!

    • The sad part of this is people bring their personal life issue into every sport person situation. No one really want to hear what any of you have to say. Your not famous or worthy of writing about.. if u were then we would be reading about your issue. Floyd is a great boxer and many is a great boxer no one will know who is the best until they fight. As of right now can argue tht Floyd is the best because he is undefeated. if manny was tht good he wouldn’t put himself in a situation where the judges can rule against him. Floyd don’t.

      • Manny was that good, and outpunched Tim, by over a hundred punches. Those judges should never be allowed to Judge another fight. I agree, Floyd is a Great Fighter, but, a piss poor excuse for a regular man, that’s all, one thing he isn’t thats one of the good guys!
        Since he got off light it’s been reported, with 90 days, instead of a few yrs, already, he should quit his whining, then when he gets out, train, up, and man up, and Fight the Pacman, thats what everybody wants to see!


  • This was planned from the start.

  • Plea bargains aren’t meant to be compromised.

  • Pushups and situps, Floyd. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  • release him into general population let him get a work out running away from people.

  • Everybody got an opinion about the fight that just took place,to me get over it all of you and stop acting like a bunch of crybabies.As far as Floyd getting out early,stop whinning man you weren’t whinning when you put your hands on your woman so stay the course and take what you got coming to you and man up my friend!!!

  • the wife shoudl do the time. why they dont walk away astonishes me some times. the woman would probably use a child for a human shield yet floyd gets the time. must have been new york. new york where you can be thrown in jail for farting.

  • well, isnt it just the way? just another overpaid athlete in jail again, not quite used to the conditions and wining about their own life.not wanting to except responsibility for their bad judgement. whats new? sometimes money cant get you that get out of jail card like in monoply. suck it up mr. be a real man not a wanna be thug

  • Still a Mayweather fan. Stop blowing hot air and lets see what happens when he gets out.

  • Still a Mayweather fan and always will be. Stop blowing hot air and let’s see what happens when he gets out.
    Now I know that is probably some coward on here thats had a half a beer and beat the hell out of his woman, stop all this macho bullsh## and get back to the point.

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