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Sports-Kings is a team committed to excellence and providing fans with the most in-depth and entertaining articles in a variety of sports. We have new content every day covering every area of the sports world.

Jason Whitney: CEO/Founder

Andy Flint: General Manager/Co-Founder

Jim Racalto: Director of Content/Co-Founder

Frank Santos: Director of Social Media/ New York Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager

Justin Arbogast: Sports-Kings Network Manager

Arun Morace: Around the Rink Site Manager

Brett Krummenacker: Down and Distance Site Manager

Austin Peat: Down and Distance Assistant Site Manager

Mark Evans: Pass The Pill Site Manager

David Whitlock: Reading Between the Seams Site Manager

Nick Persichilli: RBTS Assistant Site Manager

Steve Kettner: DCSK Site Manager

Dave Ragazzo: NYSK Site Manager

Jon Judd: Ring-Kings Site Manager

Cody White: Ring-Kings Assistant Site Manager

Writers and Contributors

Marcus Burnan

Shane Richardson

Kyle Pierce

Tad Johnson

Joe Ray

Leroy McConnell III

Luke Willis

Ian Johnson

Dylan Veltkamp

Ryan Alexander

Michael Prosser

Matt Schantz




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