Metta World Peace blames Jon Barry and Bill Walton for not being able to get a date

I’m pretty sure Metta World Peace may have been drunk  during his recent barrage of tweets that was sent out via twitter Saturday night, while he was at the Mikinus in Sacramento eating Sushi. Artest er Peace was freely mentioning his elbowing incident with James Harden frequently over twitter. In fact, it got to the point where he started complaining he couldn’t get a date because the girls were afraid of his elbows.

Metta World Peace tweets:

This wasn’t it however, as Metta then would go on to blame ESPN analyst Jon Barry and Hall of Famer Bill Walton for his recent drought in the dating department.

— Metta WorldPeace (@MettaWorldPeace) April 28, 2012

At one point Metta even tweeted that he was trying to Google his Citizenship Award to prove to the young lady he was with, that he was a nice guy.

I think Metta World Peace’s kids summed it up best:

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  • Nic

    Why is this news? Enough already!

    • Jason Whitney


      I wouldn’t really call it “news” but it is kind of funny. Def not intended to stir up anything, but to get a laugh. It’s Ron Artest, I don’t think anything is “news” when it comes to him anymore

  • Tony

    Metta is Ron Artest, an uneducated, ignorant fool making millions of dollars a year because he exhibits talent on the basketball court. What I despise most about his existence and his MEGA -NBA-Suspensiones is the fact that every time he does something like this and the highlight replays 3 million times, I have to rewire my sons on what never to do. In other words, Artest is modeling the worst behavior we can observe on the court. He makes watching the NBA a challenge for me because I DO NOT WANT THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR DISPLAYED BECAUSE CHILDREN ARE WATCHING!!!!

    • dellap

      @Tony, what about hockey? Do you let your kids watch that
      slugfest? These guys fight every game, where’s the outrage .

    • ragg

      Tony, you sound like and idiot. Educated or not, he has a skill-set that allows him to make millions. Don’t get me wrong, the dude is an idiot, but I am tired of folks like you who always get on their high horses when an African American athletes does something stupid, but keep their mouth shut when it’s someone else.

      • David Crowe

        ragg, why does some fools like YOu have to bring up race, is that always on your little mind ? Tony said nothing about a negro that makes tons of money.Artest is a thug from the get go and should be kicked out of the league. He doesn’t know how to act. Very typical hu ?

      • bearslayer11

        ragg- You are a racist!!! And i would bet money you are a thug that does not know how to act either.

  • J Smooth

    @ Tony If you know anything about basketball World Peace is a great basketball player who has mental health issues. Football, UFC, and hockey are more violent then what World Peace and im sure children still watch those displays. Is not parenting distinguishing right from wrong?

  • Nick

    @Tony really cause my kids are watching lol come on tree huger your kids see and hear things every day on the news or there cartoons that make that elbow look like nothing I dont think it was right but its a sport people get pumped up things happen there are a few players after a dunk you dont mess with and ol ron ron aint one of them just saying

  • Anonymous

    tony. shut f#*k up!!! you sound like an idiot.

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