Metta World Peace: Steve Nash should do magic shows with naked strippers around him

  • Jason Whitney
Metta World Peace thinks Steve Nash should do magic tricks in Vegas

I’m all for watching Steve Nash perform tricks on the hardwood floor, but now I thinking this new idea by Peace may have just one-upped watching Nash and his creative genius at work on the basketball court. Metta World Peace thinks that Steve Nash is so good on the offensive end, that there could be a smooth transition over to the magician field.

Peace goes onto explain that he doesn’t get back on defense half the time because he is still processing the offensive wizardry performed by Nash when the Lakers score.

“Half of the time, I don’t get back on defense after we just scored,” World Peace said. “I’m wondering what just happened.”

Then it gets really interesting. See Metta goes into detail of what he sees going on if Steve Nash ever took his suggestion seriously.

“Nash should do a Vegas magic show,” the Lakers forward said. “They should put his picture on the Flamingo hotel with a picture of him posing spinning the ball with his tongue out. There could be a bunch of strippers around him naked covering themselves with a hat.”




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