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Michael Beasley being serious after missing 11 of 13 shots in loss: “I shot the ball great tonight”

  • Jason Whitney

Michael Beasley said he shot the ball great while shooting 2-13 in a loss against the Dallas Mavericks

Michael Beasley has bounced around the league despite being the second overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. So when the Suns signed him as a free agent this past summer, Beasley finally looked like he may have a chance to finally live up to his lofty draft expectations. Well long story short, Beasley has yet again disappointed.

After former Suns coach, Alvin Gentry initially said Beasley was “the man” on a Suns team that featured a lot of young players in an up-tempo offense-first system, he was soon relegated to the pine.

However, Beasley was given another chance after the Suns parted ways with Alvin Gentry and appointed Lindsey Hunter head coach. Hunter’s task for the rest of this season is to develop the younger players on the roster. So Beasley essentially has a pretty long leash, one would think. And it appeared Beasley was making the most of his second opportunity after dropping 27 points and leading his team to a comeback win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday.

That progress didn’t last long as Beasley once again regressed against a Dallas Mavericks team that has been struggling and is without its best player, Dirk Nowitzki. Yet the Suns still lost 109-99 on their home floor. What was even more head scratching besides Michael Beasley shooting 2-13 against a Mavs team that currently sits seven games under .500 was the comments he made following up the loss.


“I thought I had a good game, the shots just didn’t fall,” Beasley said, after a performance where he missed 11 of his 13 shot attempts, and led the team with three turnovers, two of which came while attempting to inbound the ball on the baseline after the other team had just scored.

When Beasley was asked what the difference was tonight after putting in such a solid game in Wednesday’s win over the Lakers, he refused to even acknowledge that he took a step back.

“I shot the ball great. I shot the ball great tonight,” he said. “I got shots I wanted, the ball just didn’t fall. That’s it.”

In Beasley’s defense, he has played better since the Suns made Lindsey Hunter head coach. In fact, he’s shown some signs with three, 20 point games in his previous eight games while averaging 18 points per contest under Hunter. For Beasley’s sake, he better continue to show progress instead of regress, or it may not be long until he’s looking for his fourth NBA team.


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