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Michael Beasley says he’s tuned out Coaches

  • Justin Arbogast

Suns Forward Michael Beasley has stepped his game up as of late, and he’s looking like a completely different ball-player.

He dropped 25 on Friday going 12-17 against the Warriors, making the game a lot closer than expected. They still lost the game, but Beasley was a force on the court for the second straight game.

What’s his secret?

Michael Beasley has stopped listening to everyone - including his coaches. (Photo:

Michael Beasley has stopped listening to everyone – including his coaches. (Photo:

He’s tuning everyone out.

“I’ve stopped listening to people, and I’m just doing what I know how to do,” Beasley said via ProBasketballTalk.

When asked who it was that he was tuning out, he gave a little more detailed answer.

“Everybody,” Said Beasley. “Just everybody, from my friends, to family, to teammates, to coaches.”

He was asked to clarify after saying that he tuned out coaches, and he did. Saying that the coaches aren’t in the heat of the battle, so they’re just an extra set of eyes.

“Yeah, definitely,” he said. “But at the same time, I’m the one out there in the fire. The coach can tell me what he sees from a third party perspective, but I’m seeing it first hand. Once I set a screen and I roll, and another guy steps up … if he doesn’t step up, I’ve got a jump shot. Or, I can go around him, or I’ve got [a teammate] for a dunk. There’s so many things that I can do that only my instincts can tell me.”

Lindsey Hunter says he knows Beasley hasn’t been paying attention to coaches, but he don’t really care, it’s working.

“Whatever his motivation is, then let it be that,” Hunter said. “I don’t really care.”


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