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Michael Jordan Being Sued By Woman Claiming Affair

  • Ryan Kantor

Michael Jordan just turned 50 and ESPN celebrated it like he is some sort of deity. It was a little weird, but this is way weirder.

MJ is now being sued by a woman who claims he fathered her 16 year-old son. She is asking for a paternity test, a pretty straight forward request. The timing of this, so many years later, is a bit strange though. Also of note, Michael Jordan was married during the alleged conception. Pretty ugly if true.

We should be careful about jumping to conclusions, but let’s also back off the MJ love train which departed Chapel Hill all those years ago. He is well known as an adulterer, gambling addict, a very poor team owner, and an atrocious dresser… Really very horrible.


Ryan Kantor is an author at He is a life-long Yankees fan and a proud Clemson alumnus, residing in North Carolina, where he works in marketing research. For more stories like this, you can visit his personal blog at and follow him on Twitter at @Ryan_Kantor.

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