Mike Bibby ejected from son’s high school hoops game

mike-bibbyMike Bibby is currently not in the NBA, but his competitive juices are still flowing. According to reports, Bibby was ejected from his son Michael’s high school game for arguing with the referees.

Michael currently attends his fathers alma mater Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix. Like his father, Michael is also a point guard. Michael is also just a freshman, so we may see more of these stories to come.

Father Bibby was ejected by the referees and had to be escorted by police officers. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see Bibby on an NBA team again, but I give him two thumbs up for defending his son. Should we look for little Michael in the NBA in a few years? Perhaps. His father and grandfather both played in the league. I wouldn’t bet against the freshman.

Below is video of Bibby being escorted from the gym by police:

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