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Mike Brown believes Andy Dalton’s deal should be in the Colin Kaepernick range

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick signed what looked like a massive contract earlier this year, but of the $126 million it could eventually be worth, only $61 million is potentially guaranteed, with only $13 million guaranteed as a signing bonus.

There’s plenty of fluff in Kap’s deal, with mid-level base salaries until 2017 and non-guaranteed base salaries of $18.8 and $21 million in 2018 and 2019. However, the 49ers got a seven-year commitment from the young QB.

It looks like any team with a franchise QB will be looking at the same type of team friendly deal when they look to sign their guys long-term. One team that immediately comes to mind is the Cincinnati Bengals. Andy Dalton is in the final year of his rookie deal and looking to secure a long-term contract. Bengals’ owner Mike Brown believes whatever deal Dalton may receive should be in the range of Kaepernick’s.

Per PFT:

If there was/were/whatever any doubt that the Kaepernick deal is incredibly team friendly, the Bengals’ willingness to give the same contract to a guy who hasn’t won a playoff game proves it.  A mere $13 million fully guaranteed at signing on a seven-year commitment from the player.  A very late (relatively speaking) April 1 deadline each year for dumping the player before injury-only guarantees become full guarantees.  An annual average that pays the quarterback mid-level money now and, given spikes in the salary cap, mid-level money (or worse) in the out years. 

Look for similar deals to be offered to guys like Cam Newton and Andrew Luck along with Dalton, as they are the next crop of QB’s in line for extensions.

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