Mikhail Prokorov Will “Crush” Mark Cuban If He Signs Deron Williams

Nets billionaire owner Mikhail Prokorov seems to be more interested in getting his jabs in at Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban than he is interested in his own team.

Prokorov speaking from the Barclays Center construction site on Tuesday said:

“Let the best man win. If he wins, I will crush him with the kickboxing throwdown.”

Prokorov is a big dude, so I’d imagine he probably would make Cuban his whipping boy. Cuban, I’m sure, has bigger things on his mind like winning games and championships.

According to the NY Daily News, Prokorov would go on to assess the Deron Williams situation:

“We have I think we have a very good discussion. He really wants to win. And I want to win maybe even more. Really I don’t want to go into details. But really I think at this stage, we are on the same page.”

The Nets can offer Williams an extra year and about $30 million more than the Mavericks. However, Dallas is Williams’ hometown and the team is built right now to win a championship, whereas the Nets are preaching patience and currently in a rebuilding mode.

Prokorov would end the Williams talk with saying,

 “I think he wants to win and he wants to be part of a great franchise, we have the same view on this. And I can’t comment more. It’s better to ask him what was our conversation. I mean what I already mentioned.”

Get ready for an interesting offseason Nets fans.

  • Brian

    Prokhorov is a crook who amassed his fortune by taking from deserving people. He did it in a matter of two or three years.
    Nobody seems to care, neither here nor in Russia. Wait, until he channels couple of billions out of US economy which will be misteriously lost in the wake.
    As for the kickboxing throwdown – I am 6 sharp,215lbs and ready for challenge.
    Are you Misha?

    • http://www.sports-kings.com Jason Whitney

      Hahahaha. Well said Brian

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