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MLS’ New York Red Bulls will pay fans not to chant curses at games

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Major League Soccer has an epidemic it is looking to eradicate, and one of their franchises has come up with a creative solution to the problem. Fans at games have come accustomed to chanting “You Suck Ass” during goal kicks, despite the MLS’ consistent attempts to stop it. In a seemingly last ditch effort, the MLS’ New York Red Bulls are offering its fans the best incentive it can to put the chant for good. As Randy Moss would call it, STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE.

SI has the details:

The New York Red Bulls — one of four teams now working to eliminate ‘YSA’ from its stadium — have introduced a bit of carrot. Cynics may see it as a bribe. But, at this point, according to a club source, Red Bull believes the desired ends more than justify the company’s substantial means.

The team has notified its three fan groups — the Empire Supporters Clubs, the Garden State Ultras and the Viking Army — that $500 will be contributed to each for every home game during which ‘YSA’ isn’t heard in Red Bull Arena’s South Ward. The money will be doled out in $2,000 increments, meaning that the stadium will have to be ‘YSA’ free for four games before the supporters are rewarded.

You can’t knock the Red Bulls for trying here, but whether it works is another story. I only watch soccer casually, and the MLS even less than that, but this doesn’t seem like a HUGE issue to me personally. In other mainstream American sports, fans regularly have chant curses directed at officiating, and it doesn’t seem to factor into its popularity. However, if there was a way to bring the chant to an end, this is probably the best you can do it. The main worry would be, like any bribe, what happens when the checks stop coming?

There may be a ‘YSA’ chant outside of the Red Bulls front office if they decide to stop paying up.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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