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NBA GM on Joel Embiid: “My medical people told me flat-out not to take him”

  • Jason Whitney

A GM said his medical staff told him not to select Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid by far is the riskiest player in the 2014 NBA draft. Every general manager is afraid of reliving another potential Greg Oden situation. In a loaded draft, taking Embiid could be a huge gamble seeing that the big man from Kansas has already had back issues and now will be out 4-6 months with stress fracture in his right foot.

This injury is the same one that Yao Ming and Bill Walton experienced in their careers, so this of course is alarming for potential Embiid suitors. And now an anonymous GM has stated that his medical guys told him that they should not risk selecting him at all.


Just like the NFL draft, this could be a GM trying to send out false signals to see if Embiid fall. Many NBA experts predicted that Embiid could be the first overall pick, but now some mock drafts have him falling to the Philadelphia 76ers at the 10th spot. There is a great unknown about every draft and this could lead a general manager of a team looking either brilliant or incredibly incompetent. Only time will tell with Embiid.

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