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Allen Iverson Defaults On Mortgage, Set To Lose House 0

Former star Allen Iverson is facing some serious financial problems.

Allen Iverson is known for a lot of different things. The practice rant, his flashy scoring abilities, and just his overall image. You either love A.I., or you hate him.

After not being able to find a team to play for in the NBA, Allen Iverson has been playing overseas in China. He might need to ask for a pay rise, as he apparently has some serious financial problems.

Via TMZ:

NBA superstar Allen Iverson is set to lose his home after defaulting on his mortgage.

The sportsman’s $4.5 million mansion in Atlanta, Georgia will go up for auction this month after bank bosses foreclosed on the property.

The house and its contents will be auctioned off on December 4 if Iverson fails to reach a deal to save the property, according to

This is tough news to hear. Yet another star athlete that made massive amounts of money, only to fail to manage it properly. Hopefully he can figure this whole mess out and get back on track.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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