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Bills say Tebow won’t do anything in the Wildcat they haven’t seen 100

Buffalo Bills Linebacker Nick Barnett said Monday that the Jets will not have anything in store that the team has not seen before (Credit: AP Photo)

While the New York Jets offense did not run a single snap of the Wild Cat formation during the pre-season, most think they will run the formation throughout the season with Tim Tebow as their quarter back. With the start of the NFL season only six days away, teams have begun preparing for their week one match ups. Without any pre-season tape of the Tebow led Wild Cat offense, the Buffalo Bills, New York’s week one opponent, may have a hard time stopping the Wild Cat.

However, the Bills defense is saying today that they will be ready for whatever the Jets throw at them.

Bills linebacker Nick Barnett downplayed the idea that the Jets could have something in store for the Bills that they haven’t seen before.

“Anything they’re doing is not new,” Barnett told the Buffalo News. “It’s the NFL, and everything’s been done before, and it’ll be done again. The things you prepare for are the history. What that offensive coordinator’s done mixed with what [the Jets] did last year. Obviously, there are going to be some new plays they haven’t done, but Tebow has done a lot of those things in Denver. A lot of the things he was successful at in Denver, I’m sure they won’t vacate those.”

Bills cornerback Terrence McGee indicated that the defense is watching film of Tebow in Denver, as well as the offense that Jets coordinator Tony Sparano ran in Miami, to get an idea of what to expect.

“They really didn’t show any of it in preseason,” McGee said. “So you just kind of assume. There are only certain things you can do with the Wildcat anyway. You just go out with an idea of what they were doing in Miami and what they did in Denver and then adjust to what we see.”

Bills quarterbacks coach David Lee is the former Dolphins assistant who taught the Wildcat to Sparano, and Bills receiver Brad Smith ran the Wildcat during his time with the Jets, so Buffalo’s defense should have plenty of help preparing.

Unless Barnett is wrong, and the Jets have something up their sleeves that the Bills have never seen.


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