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Brandon Jennings says he and Rajon Rondo nearly fought during Friday’s game 0

When the Milwaukee Bucks squared off against the Boston Celtics on Friday night in Boston, the real story line may have been one that fans watching at home missed all together. Bucks’ star point guard, Brandon Jennings, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he and Rondo were on the verge of throwing blows.

It apparently all started with Rondo initiating some contact with Jennings and allegedly talking some smack.

“It was the first quarter,” Jennings said. “I thought at one point we were going to start fighting, but nobody wants to give up that money.”

“I just tried not to get caught up in it,” Jennings said. “He’s going to talk mess. That’s who Rondo is as a point guard.

“The main thing is, you’ve just got to keep going at him. I knew I wasn’t 100% tonight so why not just go out there and try to get a triple-double.”

Jennings struggled a bit down the stretch, which was likely due to Rondo’s intense defensive prowess, but none the less, the Bucks came away with the 99-94 overtime victory on the road and Jennings nearly managed a triple-double, notching 12 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists in 48 minutes of play. Jennings did commit 7 turnovers, one of which led to a game-tying three from Paul Pierce that sent the game into overtime.

Rajon Rondo only managed 6 points in the home loss, but did chip in with 11 dimes and recorded 4 steals. Rondo’s steal stat was an obvious benefactor of Jennings’ loose play.

Both of these young guards have plenty of time left in the association, so the likelihood of them eventually engaging in fistycuffs is pretty high. These two could be battling for point guard supremacy throughout the Eastern Conference for many years to come.


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