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Brandon Jennings: We Will Beat Heat In 6 Games 0

This season, the Milwaukee Bucks got the misfortune of matching up with the Miami Heat in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Almost everyone is expecting the defending champion Heat to destroy the Bucks, and no one really thinks that there is a serious chance at an upset here. It’s very rare that a number one seed loses in the first round, especially when that one seed is led by a player like LeBron James in his prime.

You can put Brandon Jennings on the short-list of people expecting an upset. The shoot-first point guard is calling an upset over the Miami Heat in 6 games. Yes, you read that right. Milwaukee over Miami. In 6 games.

Well, there’s a reason the games are played on the court, and not on paper. I guess.

Many would not be surprised by a Heat sweep, and very few expect this to be a terribly serious series. With that being said, you obviously don’t expect Brandon Jennings to come out and say that. But to predict a Milwaukee victory in 6 games is bold to say the least.

Hey, confidence is a good thing. Strictly from a fan’s perspective, it would be great if Brandon Jennings and the Bucks could make this a competitive series. And could you imagine the mayhem that would occur if the Bucks actually pulled this one out, true to his prediction? I can hear Skip Bayless yelling through my television already.

Seriously, how funny would it be if LeBron hears this and just decides to go nuts? As in, “I’m going to go drop 50 every game and shut this guy up. Just because.”

Keep being you, Brandon Jennings.

Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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