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Buddy Nix on Patriots: “They don’t scare me” 99

Today, Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix told the Toronto Sun that his team his not intimidated by the New England Patriots (Credit: AP Photo)

It is not quite the same level as a Jets level declaration, but Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix had a proclamation to make about the reigning AFC East champion New England Patriots. According to Nix, his team is not intimidated by the Super Bowl runner-ups.

In an interview for the Toronto Sun, Nix said the Bills priority remains winning the AFC East, a feat almost no one gives them a chance to do.

“Every really good coach I’ve ever been with, they emphasize [winning the division] strongly, and we always have,” Nix said. “I think it all starts there. You start depending on the wild card, and you might win 11 games and not get in. But if you win your division, even by winning eight games, you get in. So that’s what ya gotta do.”

And as everyone knows, that means getting by the Patriots, who have won double-digit games 10 of the last 11 seasons, including nine division crowns.

“No, I like high expectations,” Nix said. “I’ve never been many places where if you didn’t have ‘em, that good things happen. So I think they oughta expect a lot of us. We expect a lot out of ourselves. New England, the AFC — they don’t scare me. I think we can compete with any of ‘em, and our intention is to try to win the division.”

It’s not a Rex Ryan guarantee, or even a Ryan Kalil ad buy, but it’s a lofty goal for the Bills, who haven’t won the division since 1995.


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