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Chris Bosh: I’m Tired of Talking About Joakim Noah 0



The depleted Chicago Bulls have been the definition of resilience so far this postseason. With no Derrick Rose, Luol Deng, or Kirk Hinrich, they went on the road and stole game one from the Miami Heat, who are the favorites to win the title.

Joakim Noah has been their leader all year long, despite playing with plantar fasciitis. His energy and heart are almost unmatched, and he exemplifies everything that the Chicago Bulls stand for.

While everyone else is applauding Noah’s efforts, some people are getting quite sick of them. Like Chris Bosh.

Well, if I had to deal with Joakim Noah on the court, I’d probably get pretty tired of talking about him too.

Joakim Noah was an absolute problem for the Brooklyn Nets in the first round, and it doesn’t look as if anything is going to change against the Miami Heat. While he isn’t the biggest, strongest, fastest, or most skilled guy around, he brings it every second that he’s on the court. And that wears out his opponents pretty quickly.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this series pans out. The Bulls seem to be on their last leg, but just when you think they’re knocked out, they come back with a big punch. Noah is playing on one leg, Luol Deng is in a hospital bed, Nate Robinson has puked on the sideline and gotten stitches mid-game, and Jimmy Butler has played the entire game three straight games.

Efforts like this is what reminds us why we love sports so much.

Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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