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Danny Green: We Treat Steph Curry Like a Mini Kevin Durant 0



Steph Curry has been phenomenal lately for the Golden State Warriors, who are currently battling the San Antonio Spurs in the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

His play has been exciting to say the least, and teams have been looking for any way to slow down his shooting. Danny Green has been one option for the Spurs to guard Curry, and Green has actually had some solid success in doing so.

In a statement that should be taken as a huge compliment to Steph Curry, Danny Green says that he and the Spurs are treating the Golden State point guard as a mini Kevin Durant. Via USA Today:

“It’s a great (challenge) man,” Green said. “We treat him like a mini Kevin Durant. Obviously he’s not as tall or as lethal attacking the rim, but he can finish, has floaters, has all types of stuff, a quick trigger. He’s a scorer – a true scorer.

“I respect him. You’ve got to respect him. He’s one of the best scorers we have in the league now. And for me to be able to guard him that tough – they have me guarding him and telling me to step up to this challenge – is big for me. I’m defending the way they tell me to defend him. You know, long story short, just stay connected to him. Stay in his airspace and try to make him uncomfortable. That’s all.”

Curry has been deadly, but to be compared to Kevin Durant is still huge praise.

The Spurs will probably continue to look to throw a variety of different defenders at Curry for the rest of the series, including Green and Kawhi Leonard.

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