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DeMarcus Cousins Still Not With Team 0

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to DeMarcus Cousins, and the Sacramento Kings are learning this first-hand.

“Boogie” Cousins was recently suspended indefinitely by the team, a suspension that only ended up lasting for one whole game. Well, now he has been reinstated. Which would lead you to believe that he would be with the team and playing in games, right? Well, not necessarily. Reportedly, Cousins is not with the team on their trip to Portland for whatever reason.

This whole thing is just a massive headache. It might be time for the two sides to part ways, as it seems Cousins hasn’t matured at all since he came into the league from Kentucky. And that’s saying something about both him and the Kings organization.

The market for Cousins would probably be pretty cloudy, if the Kings were to decide to try to trade him. He’s talented for sure, but who wants to put up with all of this?

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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