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DeMarcus Cousins Suspended Two Games 0

Will DeMarcus Cousins ever mature and grow into the player that he could potentially be?

The big man out of Kentucky has shown great potential in his limited time in the league. He is very productive, and is a walking double-double. He has the body of a center, and actually has a pretty solid post-game, which is becoming a lost art in the league. The Kings are a mess, and he’s definitely part of it.

Now, you can add a suspension to his transcript.

Via Marc Spears of Yahoo:

This is a rarity; how many guys can you remember that get suspended for this kind of stuff? Seriously. It’s not even a suspension for confronting another player, or even a coach.

When you get suspended for confronting an announcer, you need to reassess a lot of things. DeMarcus Cousins can definitely play, but he needs to stop being such a bonehead. It’s immature, and embarrassing for Cousins and the Kings as a whole. That kind of behavior has no place in the game.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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