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Deron Williams Feels Partially Responsible For Johnson’s Firing 0

Deron Williams’ play certainly has had room for improvement this season.

After news broke that the Brooklyn Nets fired head coach Avery Johnson, many began to point the finger at some of the underachieving Brooklyn players. Deron Williams is first on the list, as the max contract point guard is struggling to find his shooting touch.

While Williams didn’t accept full responsibility for the firing, he did admit that Johnson would probably still have a job if he had been playing better. Via the New York Times:

“I feel if I would have played better, as a player, that we would have won a lot more games and he would still be here,” Williams said Friday morning, a day after the Nets fired Johnson. “As far as that’s concerned, I feel responsible.”

You have to believe Williams here. It’s hard to believe that if the team’s stars, Williams and Joe Johnson, were playing better and the team had a few more wins, Avery Johnson would still be with the Nets.

But if you expect D-Will to straight up say that Avery Johnson got fired because of him, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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